Hi there! My name is Laura and I live in Denver, CO.  I was born and raised in New York and lived there my whole life up until January of 2016 when I took a leap of faith and moved to Colorado.

I started this blog as a way to share the details of the great restaurants I’ve discovered in Denver’s thriving food scene as well as the amazing outdoor activities available in the Rockies. I love to travel, so I also reveal my favorite off-the-grid food spots and amazing sights and experiences I come across during my world explorations. Hopefully, my stories and adventures inspire you to come out West and visit Denver as well as explore the globe!

A lot of people ask the meaning behind the blog name New Denizen. It’s a bit of a play on words:

  • New: Is a tip of the hat to my home state of New York and because I’m new to Denver.
  • Denizen: “Denizen” is a word that can mean inhabitant or one that frequents a place. I chose it because my Instagram and blog documents where I’m currently a denizen (living/visiting) and is also a play on words with DEN, the airport call sign for Denver.

Some other fun facts:

I’m a NOLS graduate and a yoga enthusiast.

Before becoming a food and travel blogger, I wrote about music on my blog called The Modern Age.

I’ve been to 29 countries and I hope to keep adding to that list. Here’s a map of where I’ve been:

If we’re kindred spirits, please reach out to me so we can be friends! 😉

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