Gaijin at Zeppelin Station: Casual Ramen Spot in RiNo

By on September 30, 2018

The search for the Best Ramen in Denver continues. When I first heard about Gaijin Ramen & Yakitori at Zeppelin Station, I was immediately intrigued. Chef Bill Espiricueta has an impressive background, having worked in the kitchens of Acorn in RiNo as well as the Japanese restaurant Nobu, and his recently opened Denver-based BBQ joint, Smok, at the […]

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How to Order at Ichiran Ramen in Japan

By on June 29, 2018
Ichiran bowl of ramen

The first time I heard of Ichiran was after the opening of their first US restaurant in Brooklyn, NY. After many starts and stops since 2007, it was a 2016 New York Magazine article provocatively titled, “Is Ichiran New York’s Most Antisocial Restaurant?,” that put the Japanese ramen chain on my radar. By this time […]

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