Map of 2020 EatDenver Deck Restaurants

UPDATED 1/3/2020: New 2020 map and deal details added

I always love a good deal. Some people shudder at the thought of using a coupon book when going out to dine. They think that a good restaurant would never agree to be part of a discount program of any type.

However, since moving to Denver, I’ve discovered a number of high-quality coupon/discount products that offer deals to restaurants I already eat at or want to try. One of those is the EatDenver Deck.

EatDenver is an independent restaurant association that helps support the local Denver foodservice community. They put together the EatDenver Deck every year to help promote area restaurants, and for 2020 they are offering a deck of deals for 55 Denver area eateries. At a cost of $55 per deck, you only need to go to a handful of restaurants to make your money back.

For 2020 they have moved to a new format to offer item-specific BOGOs, deals, and freebies (previously all decks were $10 off a $25 purchase). This means in a lot of cases you end up with more savings b/c the item (a bottle of wine, appetizer, etc.) is valued more than the flat $10. ⁠⠀

The quality of the restaurants is excellent, with some wonderful places from the Denver-based Bonanno Concepts appearing, as well as some of my favorite restaurants in town like Duo and Ultreia.

The deck is awesome, but just like the Dining Out Passbook, sometimes I struggle with planning how to use it because when I’m thinking about going out to eat, I’m looking for a place in a certain area.

That’s why I’m sharing my personal EatDenver Deck restaurant map. Here’s the key to reading the map:

  1. Blue: Buy One Get One (BOGO) deal this restaurant.
  2. Orange: Get a free item at this restaurant (no purchase required).
  3. Purple: $10 off with a minimum purchase.

Looking for a map of all the restaurants in the Dining Out Passbook? I got you covered.

What are some of your favorite places to eat that are featured in the 2020 EatDenver Deck?

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