Anti-Asian/AAPI Racism Resources for Coloradans

Some folks have been asking me how they can educate themselves about the history of anti-Asian and AAPI violence and racism and ways they can get involved at a local Denver/Colorado level. Here are some resources I recommend.

Colorado for AAPI May 2021 Fundraiser Raffle
Be sure to donate to a fundraiser/raffle spearheaded by Penelope Wong of Yuan Wonton, Caroline Glover of Annette and Carolyn Nugent of Ulster Street Pastry!

Colorado groups, organizations, training

Other US groups, organizations, training


Know of a great resource I missed? Please let me know in the comments!


  • “Home” by Kyoto Takenaka – The Los Angeles-based artist includes recordings of how people have spoken to them while out in restaurants, bars, and clubs

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