Best Ramen in Denver, Ranked: A Hunt for the Best Bowl of Noodles in Town

UPDATED: 12/18/2019

The word is out! As mentioned on my InstagramI’m on the hunt to find the BEST RAMEN IN DENVER. My self-appointed panel of one will slurp through countless bowls of noodles and broths and judge each one in search of the top bowl in the Denver area (open to Boulder restaurants as well)! I’ll be updating this post with individual reviews and ever-changing rankings as I hit all the potential winners on my list.

Be sure to follow along with my ramen adventures on Instagram by checking out #bestramendenver.

I know that ramen preference is a very personal thing and ramen bowls really differ in broth weight, flavor, and ingredients. So you can judge if my ramen preferences match your own, I’ll tell you that I prefer the taste of kotteri ramen made with a slightly garlicky chicken broth base (for more on how to classify ramen styles, see this excellent breakdown on Serious Eats) so most of the ramen I will be judged with that flavor profile in mind.

Below is a list of the places I’ve tried and the places I plan on reviewing. If you have a hot tip on a place I should consider as part of this public service project, please drop your recommendations in the comments. Also, if you have your own thoughts on the rankings, leave that feedback in the comments as well!

Each bowl will be judged against the following criteria:

  • Broth flavor – 1-8 points
  • Protein quality – 1-5 points
  • Noodle quality – 1-5 points
  • Other ingredients – 1-4 points
  • Presentation – 1-3 points

The highest potential score is 25 points.

Current Rankings

  1. Mizu Izakaya – 23 points (Tonkotsu Ramen review)
  2. (TIE) Uncle – 22 points (Spicy Chicken review); Izakaya Ronin – 22 points (Lanman Tonkotsu Ramen) [RiNo location closed. New location TBA.]
  3. (TIE) Sushi-Rama DTC/Lone Tree – 18 points (Shio Ramen); Osaka Ramen – 18 points (Tonkotsu Ramen)
  4. Ace Eat Serve – 14 points (Tonkotsu Ramen review)
  5.  Sakura House – 13 points (Tonkotsu Ramen review)

Ranking to Come

To Try

  • Ajinoya
  • Ramen House
  • Domo
  • Katsu Ramen
  • Tokio
  • Izakaya Den
  • Tycoon Ramen and Sushi
  • The Ramen House
  • Miyako Ra-men Spots
  • Kikis Japanese Casual Dining
  • Linger
  • OAK
  • Rocky Mountain Ramen
  • Katsu
  • Sushi Den
  • Sakana (Westminster)
  • Sushi Zanmai (Boulder – Ramen is available only on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:30am – 2:00pm)
  • The Way Back (Monday ramen)
  • Brider


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