How to Buy Bao Bao Bags and Pleats Please in Japan

Is it cheaper to buy Bao Bao and Pleats Please by Issey Miyake in Japan? This ultimate how-to guide for fashion-loving tourists will reveal tips on how to buy Bao Bao bags, Pleats Please, and other Issey Miyake clothing for less while visiting Japan. Why I love Bao Bao bags and Pleats Please clothing For […]

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How to Order at Ichiran Ramen in Japan

The first time I heard of Ichiran was after the opening of their first US restaurant in Brooklyn, NY. After many starts and stops since 2007, it was a 2016 New York Magazine article provocatively titled, “Is Ichiran New York’s Most Antisocial Restaurant?,” that put the Japanese ramen chain on my radar. By this time […]

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Ultimate UNIQLO Size Comparison: Japan vs. US

As a petite Asian woman living in the United States I am always struggling to find clothing that fits straight off the rack. Granted there are a number of retailers in the US that do offer petite sizing, but even then the cut and styles never seem to be exactly right for what I’m looking […]