Turkish Chef Food Truck: A Reasonable, Tasty, Mediterranean Meal

Walking home the other night my husband and I noticed a cute little food truck called Turkish Chef parked outside Jagged Mountain Brewery, so we randomly decided to try it out.

It’s been so long since I’ve had a shish kebab. I long for a good shish kebab like the ones I used to get from this restaurant called, well… Shish Kebab… that used to exist in a random strip mall near where I grew up on Long Island. They had the most wonderful pilaf that they’d serve the skewers on top of they’d serve that with a side salad and tons of free bread and hummus for the weekend lunch special at some crazy price like $7. Maybe it was those low prices that eventually ran them out of business. 🙁

Anyhoo, I was game for some food truck shish kebab. Since it was cold outside we decided to make a food truck hack and call up the number listed on their website to see if we could place an order by phone and pick it up from the truck when it was ready.

We were in luck! The guy running the food truck picked up the phone and said we could place our order for pick up. Success!

Chicken shish kebab and veggie plate

I ordered the Chicken Kebab plate ($12), which came with grilled yogurt-marinated chicken breast kebab, served with a small green salad, falafel pilaf, and a feta-phyllo roll. My husband got the Vegetarian Combo plate ($9.75) which came with some falafel, small side salad, pilaf, hummus, a feta-phyllo roll.

I enjoyed my chicken kebab plate. The chicken and falafel were little on the dry side, but the meal was pretty satisfying and the feta-phyllo roll (kinda like a Turkish egg roll) was very tasty (and I usually don’t like feta). There was a substantial amount of food and I could see this meal being a good lunch option if the truck was nearby.

Baklava from Turkish Chef

My husband surprised me by getting a couple pieces of Baklava ($1.65 per piece). The baklava was very good, although it was so good that I wished the pieces were bigger. They were maybe 1-inch long and served in those little plastic sample cups they use at supermarkets. Ismet, who runs the truck, told my husband that they are flown in daily from Turkey (not made on the truck)… so they are legit.

In my food exploration of Denver, I haven’t come across many Turkish restaurants (maybe I need to start going on a kebab hunt???) so it definitely hit the spot. Look forward to finding more Turkish/Mediterranean restaurants and food trucks around town to do some comparisons, but as it stands right now, I would recommend Turkish Chef Food Truck for a hearty lunch or quick dinner if it happens to be near you. They seem to set up in Denver, Littleton, and Centennial areas.

To find out if they will be near you, check out the Turkish Chef Food Truck Facebook page.

Do you have a favorite Turkish/Mediterranean restaurant around town you recommend? Let me know in the comments!

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